Professional Test as a Formation Tool of Methodical Culture of the Teacher in the Course of Studying of Humanitarian Disciplines in Higher Education Institution

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


2016, Vol. 2. №3

Professional Test as a Formation Tool of Methodical Culture of the Teacher in the Course of Studying of Humanitarian Disciplines in Higher Education Institution

About the author:

Georgy R. Kelberer, Post-Graduate Student, Department of Pedagogics and Psychology, P. P. Ershov Ishim Pedagogical Institute (Tyumen State University Branch);


The article considers specific features of using the technology of professional tests in teachers training.

The purpose of the research is searching new means of substantial increase of a practice orientation of educational process in accordance with the Federal Educational Standards. According to the author, the practice orientation of educational process is determined by the level of methodical culture of a teacher. In this regard, the research is directed to the development of the model of forming methodical culture of future teachers by means of the system of professional tests. Using the system of professional tests in higher education institutions helps students to obtain the personally important experience for professional activity.

Forming methodical culture is considered in the article on the example of the integration of professional tests into teaching humanitarian subjects. This research of the author relies on the practical experience of working with first-year students of the Faculty of Social and Humanity Sciences of P. P. Yershov Ishim Teachers Training Institute (the branch of Tyumen State University). The provided model of forming methodical culture by the means of professional tests provides the inclusion of system of professional tests of real methodical tasks into educational process based on students solving them in modeled and real modes. Thus, the immersion of students into the methodical activities is provided, which promotes not only the formation of the methodical culture of a teacher, but also students’ deeper understanding of the content of a training material by the means of its methodical processing.

Special attention is paid to students’ judgment of the experience, which they got during the professional tests by means of reflexive practice. The reflection shall be present at all stages of a professional test. Only in this case the achievement of the main goal of professional tests, which is filling the mastered forms of professional and pedagogical activities by personal and significant content, is possible. For the organization of a reflection during professional tests the scheme of the reflexive diary, which was developed during the research, is offered.

The author comes to the following conclusion: professional tests promote the inclusion of students in the active methodical search. The solution of complex methodical professional and pedagogical tasks stimulates creative activity of students and promotes understanding of oneself as the subject of methodical activities. Thus, professional tests are an effective instrument for forming methodical culture of a teacher when studying humanity subjects in teachers training higher education institutions.


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