The Image of Russian Earth in the Tale of I. A. Bunin “Sukhodol”

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


2016, Vol. 2. №2

The Image of Russian Earth in the Tale of I. A. Bunin “Sukhodol”

About the author:

Tatyana A. Gallyamova, Post-Graduate Student, Department of Russian Literature, Institute of Philology and Journalism, Tyumen State University;


The image of “deaf Rus” is investigated in the article and is represented as a topos “Sukhodol”, the semantics of the lexeme “deaf” is analyzed, new contradictory meanings that Sukhodol has in the tale of Bunin are explored, the basic concepts, such as “Sukhodol’s life”, “Sukhodol’s death”, “Sukhodol’s soul”, “Sukhodol’s language”, “Sukhodol’s love” denoting the belonging to the place are investigated, special attention is paid to the poetics of senses (visual, sound, tactile perception, smell, and taste), the motive of the genus and the spatial representation of “deaf Rus” are considered. The space of reminiscences, memory, and dream is opposed to the reality and occupies a special place. The spatial approach is still actual in modern literature and is the most applicable in the study of Bunin’s works as it correlates with his idea of liberation from time. Two fundamental hypostases of “deaf Rus” in the tale “Sukhodol” are identified and examined in the article — the image-hero and the voice, their ability to influence a person is analyzed, and the question on the genre of the tale is raised.


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