Developing bachelor's physical culture competence

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


2016, Vol. 2. №1

Developing bachelor's physical culture competence

About the authors:

Irina V. Manzheley, Dr. Sci. (Ped.), Professor, Department of Sports, University of Tyumen;

Svetlana N. Cherniakova, Senior Coach and Teacher of Sports, Tyumen State University;


The subject of the research is the improvement of the students’ physical education. Theoretical and applied aspects are given by formation of undergraduate students’ physical education competence in the information and education environment of the university. The universal detailed competences are defined, as well as the levels of their development and the criterial evaluation complex of physical culture competence formation. The article presents the concept of the elective physical education environment as sets of the favorable subject and spatial, informational, technological, social, and interactive conditions and opportunities created in educational institution for realization of an individual sports and educational route. The contents and functions of the elective environment of physical training are described. The author presents their own model of formation of physical education competence, which is based on the creation of the elective environment of physical training through informatization and differentiation of the educational process, integration of class-work and extracurricular activities, modular structuring, and spiral designing of the training material, the rating assessment of the bachelors’ achievements, as well as the organization of different microenvironments and practices. The author has proved that the elective environment of physical education has to be open, flexible, personally focused to induce the student to search of own results of educational and extracurricular activities for the manifestation and self-expression of their identity by means of physical education and sports.


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