Syncretic basis of figurative language of I. F. Zhdanov’s poetry

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


2015, Vol. 1. №4(4)

Syncretic basis of figurative language of I. F. Zhdanov’s poetry

About the author:

Nikolai S. Chizhov, Post-Graduate Student, Department of Russian Literature, Tyumen State University;


It is determined that in poetic texts by I. F. Zhdanov verbal images are orientated towards such archaic forms of figurative language as parallelism (binomial, multinomial, negative, mononomial), symbolic apposition, instrumental transformation (metamorphosis). Therefore, the type of image developed by the poet (reverse comparison) is aimed at expressing syncretic integrity. It was found that the poet applies folklore poetic symbols (fire, river, blood, frost, etc.) which extend the contents of poetic texts through their ontological value. Besides, the semantic chains arising around individual symbols are woven by the author into several text images that give rise to a common semantic space. In the aspect of actualization of original representations in the language, the internal forms of poetic corpus of lyrics by I. F. Zhdanov are disclosed. It is found out that, the tropes, preserving their conventionally poetic meaning, are attracted into the semantic field of the central syncretic dominant and acquire its specific features.


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