Revisiting the reflection of jean bodin´s theory of state in the works of thinkers of the english revolution of the 17th century

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


2015, Vol. 1. №3(3)

Revisiting the reflection of jean bodin´s theory of state in the works of thinkers of the english revolution of the 17th century


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The article deals with the reception of Jean Bodin’s political ideas in the works of thinkers of the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary England. Bodin’s theory of sovereignty is an essential part of Thomas Hobbes’ doctrine. This may be verified in the theory of civil obedience, as it is reflected in the works of both authors. The author of the article does not only attempt to verify this hypothesis by comparing the subjects and issues raised in the works of Bodin and Hobbes, but also to trace the influence of Bodin’s theory on other authors who have taken center stage in the definition of the basic concepts of modern legal and political thought. The analysis of the relationship between the political traditions of France and England helps us to understand the presentation of the ideal political system of European thinkers of the early modern period.


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