Rus (Russia) as “intertext” in the novel of I.A. Bunin “The life of Arsenev”

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


2015, Vol. 1. №1(1)

Rus (Russia) as “intertext” in the novel of I.A. Bunin “The life of Arsenev”

About the author:

Tatyana A. Gallyamova, Post-Graduate Student, Department of Russian Literature, Institute of Philology and Journalism, Tyumen State University;


In this article a role of an “alien word” in the Bunin’s novel “The life of Arsenev” is considered, character of “dialogic relations” between writers of a Russian earth that gets subject and object forms is established; works of the Russian literature that had the strongest influence on Bunin’s creativity and on his “total” novel are determined; features of Bunin’s word are investigated. The problem of “intertext” is analyzed as one of key problems of literary criticism of Bunin’s works both in Russia and abroad. In this article main “toposes” of the novel “The life of Arseniev” (“deaf R us”, the capital cities (Petersburg, Moscow) and the southern Russia), playing a key role in creation of “dialogue” of writers that allows to speak about “geography of place” are analyzed; the question about main space is risen; language values of quoted words and their interpretation, filling by new meanings in the Bunin’s text are scrutinized.


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