Public art in the context of identity

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Vesntik TSU. Philosophy. 2014

Public art in the context of identity

About the authors:

Vladimir G. Bogomyakov, Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Professor, Department of Political Studies, University of Tyumen;

Marina G. Tchistiakova,


In Post-Modernism period a person is experiencing a crisis of his
identity. Unification of culture in the era of globalization leads to the loss of place
identity. But the environment is one of the most important factors shaping our ideas
about our own identity, both individual and group. Public art (art in public space) is
considered in the article as a range of art practices, promoting the revival of a sense
of place and identity. The task of public art is to identify new facets of familiar
environment and to fill it with significances. Designing the place, making use of the
associated cultural and historical contexts, public art reveals its authenticity. Designing
the place, tripping the associated cultural and historical contexts, public art reveals
its authenticity. Being conceptual and communicative socially oriented art, public art
contributes to the establishment of new social relations and the creation of special,
creative atmosphere in a city.


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