Reason in civilizational dynamics

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Vesntik TSU. Philosophy. 2014

Reason in civilizational dynamics

About the author:

Ivan S. Mikhailov,


The article demonstrates the evolution of understanding of the following
terms: nous, logos, reason, mind, and shows the interrelation of individual reason activity
and civilizational dynamics. The main features of the future term reason in ancient
philosophy correlated with the category of nous (mind), while logos is likely to be the
precursor of the category rationality.
The article indicates how the individual living reason is involved in the formation
of rationality, characteristic for a particular civilization. At the initial stages reason
strengthens rationality, supports its stability, and resolves conflicts within rationality.
However, over time, reason completely assimilates the space of rationality, and begins
to overcome rationality, breaking beyond its borders. This leads to the destruction of the
foundations of civilization and to the inter-civilization era. In this era, many individual
reasons collide with each other at an existential polylogue, forming a new rationality,
which can serve as the basis of a new civilization.


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