C.-L. de Montesquieu Theory of Separation of Powers and Current Realia of Politics and Law

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Vesntik TSU. Philosophy. 2013

C.-L. de Montesquieu Theory of Separation of Powers and Current Realia of Politics and Law

About the author:

Valery N. Suchilin,


The paper reviews the nature of state authorities, which belong
neither to legislative, executive nor judicial departments of the government. The
author analyses existing in the current science ideas of modernization of the theory of
separation of powers, criticizes concepts of «elected officials», «controlling authorities»,
«informational powers», «state-social associations», argues against derogation of some
political-legal values in order to accommodate another values, in many cases fictional.
The paper highlights applicability of C.-L. de Montesquieu Theory for development of
democracy and civil society in Russia and other foreign countries as well. Traditional
authoritative trinity and position of the President as the head of a state and protector
of the Constitution is, in the author’s opinion, time proved guaranty against abuse of
power and coup d’etat. Status of any authority should correlate with one of the three
branches of government. The research has been made on the interfaces between legal
philosophy and constitutional law.


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