Change Space — Change Life: Social and Anthropological Contexts of Street Art

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


Vesntik TSU. Philosophy. 2013

Change Space — Change Life: Social and Anthropological Contexts of Street Art

About the author:

Marina G. Tchistiakova,


Various forms of street art are investigated in the paper in the
context of urbanization issues. Large cities change the mentality of a man, generating
alienation, distance, and segregation in society. Street art is regarded as a phenomenon,
transforming social and existential space as well as a city landscape. The paper traces
a correlation between an activity of members of situationist International and modern
artistic activism. As one of the strategies breaking alienation the situationists suggested
to construct atypical, routine-free situations, which were to be followed by arrangement
of principally new links among people and liquidate atomization of society. In all its
manifestations (actionism, graffiti, flash-mob, etc.) street art places spectators into
unusual context of perception, where they can experience the feelings, hardly possible
in ordinary life. Street art is reviewed as an attempt to break through urban environmental
suppression by means of creating unexpected ways of space art, ways equally ironic,
based on game or experiment.


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