Epistemology of Culture as a Research Area

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


Vesntik TSU. Philosophy. 2013

Epistemology of Culture as a Research Area

About the authors:

Elena N. Yarkova,
Dr. Philos. Sci., professor, Philosophy Department, Institute for the Humanities, Tyumen State University

Yuri V. Larin,
Alexander V. Pavlov,


Epistemology of culture is a prospective area of current philosophical
research. The paper presents various concepts: culture-centrism (Y.V. Larin), socio-cultural
analysis (E.N. Yarkova), modern times and inter-civilization age (A.V. Pavlov).
The paper reviews ideological and methodological foundations of scientific study
of culture, types of scientific rationality, horizons and prospects of human existence.
It substantiates a generating role of a “culture” notion in a current scientific world
view. The source principles of ontological comprehension of culture as an exceptionally
complex and self repugnant reality are formulated in the article.
An importance of development of methods of socio-cultural analysis is stated.
A role of culture as a conceptual basis for social being is defined. Main principles
and procedures of methodology of socio-cultural analysis are presented. A necessity
to develop a disciplinary matrix of research in culture as a semantic and axiological
ground of social being is substantiated.
The article raises an issue of study of condition of culture in modern Russia
and future development. It is noted that analysis of modern environment is vital for
bringing up essential issues of social life. A scheme of objectives of modernity research
is described.