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Vesntik TSU. Philosophy. 2013

Typology of mentality forms

About the author:

Nikolay N. Gubanov,


The matter at issue are mental special characteristics of individual
and group subjects, determining their specific pattern of perception of the world,
thinking, speech, self-identification, behavior and activity. The goal is to create typology
of mentality forms and to reveal peculiarities of a new type incipient mentality, that
is globalist one. The planetary civilization fate may depend on this globalist mentality
performance. According to the subject composition individual and group mentalities
are distinguished. Class, national, ethnic, professional, regional, party, historical
(antique, etc.), criminal types of mentality pertain to group mentality. Depending on
the field of existence, represented in the mentality, the following partial mentality
types are distinguished: political, legal, economic, religious, esthetic and philosophical.
Sensory-perceptual, intellectual, emotional, characterological mentalities are defined
in accordance with the subject’s psychic parts. Generation of the globalist mentality
on the planet has turned to be one of the adequate responses on the part of the humankind
to history challenge in the form of global problems. Its content comprises the totality
of intensive constructive similarities of various civilizations and countries. The new
mentality type is directed toward establishing harmonization in relationships, firstly,
between peoples, countries and regions and, secondly, between society and nature.
This mentality formation is one of the necessary conditions of solving the problem of
potential clash of civilizations and other global problems.