About the structure of geographical time

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Vesntik TSU. Philosophy. 2013

About the structure of geographical time

About the author:

Victor A. Osipov,


The category of time as intelligible notion (noumenon) in impermeable
hierarchy is under investigation. The following category attributes are distinguished:
linear, cyclic and scalar time. Linear time (arrow of time) represents contraposition
of order to chaos; that is why time appears when orderliness happens, in causal
eventful progression. For tangible objects, having the beginning and the end, «the arrow
of time» turns to be a «life cycle», consisting of a number of specific cycles. There exists
in the world an infinity of crossing sequences, which form an event line. Intersections
(junctions) make «fabric of time», which is multidimensional, as in every junction the
object appears in various attributes. «Fabric of time» is fixed in virtual inter-temporal
space, the coordinates of which are set by «scalar time», ordinary grades in the standard
scalar time scale. Inter-temporal space is a substitute (surrogate) of real geographical
space. It contains the components of ideal, astral, motivational scheme of things, as well
as tools of inconsistent process synchronization and thus being a powerful means
of control. Relativistic characteristics of time measuring scales, time velocity, rhythms
and harmonics of geographical systems have been reviewed.