To understanding and perception of certain substances of the cold ontology

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


Vesntik TSU. Philosophy. 2013

To understanding and perception of certain substances of the cold ontology

About the authors:

Vladimir P. Melnikov,
Victor B. Gennadinik,


The integrated nature of cryology, complicated, non-traditional behavior
pattern of cryogenic systems requires active re-thinking of classical methodological
approaches. The necessity of critical and selective use of habitual models and methods
is illustrated by specific examples.
Conventionality of Aggregative state and Phase is shown. It allows, depending on
the task, to change these models, if the results of such a change are efficient approaches.
By analogy with introduction of the idea of “plasma” into common use an assumption
is made about usefulness in certain cases of defining the ice-cold aggregative state.
It is asserted that Hegel’s laws of the dialectic in the discourse of Engels present
a tool of describing complicated nonlinear systems within a linear paradigm, dominating
in perception of the world at the time of formulating dialectics as a method of cognition.
Their fruitful usage determines the system-related nature of cryology and enables its
natural transition to more adequate systematological and physicalistic methodological
techniques and approaches.
The use of information logistics should ensure development of «cold ontology» —
the up-to-date methodological basis of cryology. A positive program is suggested, which
divides an extensive objective of ontology creation into stages.
The ability of cryosphere objects is distinguished to complicate substantially
the system behavior. This ability leads to new effects such as temporary gradients
in cryogenic systems.