Metaphoric intention in R.Rugin’s prose

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Vesntik TSU. Philology. 2014

Metaphoric intention in R.Rugin’s prose

Author: Elena N. Ertner

About the author:

Elena N. Ertner, Dr. Sci. (Philol.), Professor, The Russian and Foreign Literature Department, University of Tyumen;; ORCID: 0000-0003-1523-6561


The article considers the modern khanty author Roman Rugin’s prose of 1970-1980 and defines its place within the Siberian text framework. Metaphoric intention is treated as a vehicle to reveal the peculiarities of geopoetic approach to literary text analysis. The principles of the author and his Northern land interconnectedness, specific nature of his landscape cognitive perception are interpreted in the process of R. Rugin’s literary works metaphoric decoding, aimed at investigating the individual grounds for space personification, color scheme poetic modeling, specifics of light and shade interpretations.


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