Textual deixis in the work of fiction: a family novel

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Vesntik TSU. Philology. 2013

Textual deixis in the work of fiction: a family novel

About the author:

Sofia а. Pushmina,
Cand. Philol. Sci., Associate Professor, English Language Department , Institute for Humanities, Tyumen State University


The purpose of this paper is to study “deixis” based on the realistic novel by Gustave Flaubert «Madame Bovary». The present article is a reflection of the increased interest in the problems of language modeling of textual worlds. The author uses scientific and special methods and techniques, and methods of the component, text, stylistic and conceptual analysis. In this work, there are different levels of linguistic means that decode textual world of the protagonist. In order to follow the implementation of the fiction world, the author has a number of procedures. Existing points of view on the theory of deixis, deictic categories are collected and organized, the technique of “entry” into the multiworld of the protagonist is defined. A considerable attention is paid to the deictic categories, which are original contours of the world of Emma Bovary.


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