Beauty and beyond: N. K. Roerich’s Shambhala

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


Vesntik TSU. Philology. 2012

Beauty and beyond: N. K. Roerich’s Shambhala

About the authors:

Irina E. Beliakova,
Cand. Philol. Sci., Associate Professor, Department of English Philology, Institute for Humanities, Tyumen State University

David Cocksey,
Dr. Philol. Sci., Head of English Language Institute, Jean-Francois Champollion University Centre, Albi (France)


This article is devoted to the notion of beauty in N.K. Roerich’s 1930 work Shambhala. It examines the text’s implicit and explicit lexicalization of the term, identifying the multiple contexts which confer upon it atypical complexity and an absolute dimension. This aspect, developed through poetic prose, inscribes the text within the literary Sublime and at the same time highlights the hypnotic potential of literary expression. It is concluded that Roerich uses language to suggest heightened consciousness.