Strategies of leading design development of Russian education

Tyumen State University Herald. Humanities Research. Humanitates


Vesntik TSU. Pedagogy. Psychology. 2012

Strategies of leading design development of Russian education

About the author:

Vladimir I. Zagvyazinskiy,
Dr. Pedag. Sci., Professor, member of the Russian Academy of Education, Head of Academic Department of Methodology and Theory of Socio-Pedagogical Researchers, Institute of Psychology and Pedagogics, Tyumen State University


The article describes the sources and manifestations of the contemporary crisis of education in Russia, caused by both the objective socio-cultural circumstances and some management errors. It shows the progress in the understanding of the correlation between economics and education, requiring a transition from the education joining socio-economic situation to the leading education. The article outlines the conditions and measures of transforming the arisen crisis in the crisis leading to the renewal of the system based on the awareness of the major humanistic educational ideas, assimilation of new standards, the recognition of real priority of education, the use of both traditional and new educational technologies, the development of educational systems, both from the top(the decisions and actions of the state) and the bottom (the development of the creative initiative of teachers and teaching staff).