The hunno-sarmatian iron chisels of the verkh-uymon barrow (Altai)

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Vesntik TSU. History. 2014

The hunno-sarmatian iron chisels of the verkh-uymon barrow (Altai)

About the authors:

Vasiliy I. Soenov,
Evgeniya A. Konstantinova,


The article informs researchers about finds of iron chisels — the unique  woodworking tools which were found in the Verkh-Uymon barrow in Altai while studying the Bulan-Kobinskiy artifact of the Hunno-Sarmatian times. The instruments are very rare and unique finds in the archaeological sites. The highly specialized tools appeared only at the time of the developed manufacture and were of great importance for the evaluation of economic activities being the indisputable indicator of the woodworking level. The authors have made an assumption that at the Hunno-Sarmatian time woodworking in Altai was not considered to be the independent sphere of economic activity but existed as a part of the home production. But the emergence of the woodworking tools specialization clearly reflects the process of isolation of the woodworking craft among the Altai inhabitants in the first half of the 1st millennium AD.


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