The historical atlas as a genre: history and historiography

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Vesntik TSU. History. 2014

The historical atlas as a genre: history and historiography

About the author:

Fyodor S. Korandey,
Cand. Hist. Sci., Senior Lecturer, Department of Archeology, Ancient and Medieval History, Institute for the Humanities, Tyumen State University


The edition of Susan Schulten’s monography devoted to the history of American thematical mapping of 19th century, gives an impulse to turn to the general history of historical atlases. This is a young branch of historiography: the works of 1997-2013 outlined the basic chronology of the genre and defined the range of problems related to further studies. The essential themes in the field are the early works on history of the genre (vetus geography, “ancient geography’’), and the history of the school historical atlases in XIX-XX centuries as the instruments of propaganda, applied to reinforcement of national consent. The researchers of the genre are moderate in assessing the present state of the genre, which has recently been influenced by ever changing information technologies. The essential factors are the increase of the speed and the low cost of digital mapping production. From this point of view, the historical mapping is an experimental graphic part of a historical narrative, using the possibilities of the rapid correction of data, playing with scales, projections and perspectives. Key words. Historical atlases, thematic maps, history of cartography, historical geography.


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