Typology of sources on the history of islamic art (a case study of of Tyumen region)

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Vesntik TSU. History. 2014

Typology of sources on the history of islamic art (a case study of of Tyumen region)


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The article is devoted to the characteristics of the source base of Islamic art in the XVI-XIX centuries. The article considers standards to be among the sources and emphasizes that they were not able to regulate the sphere of art directly, but did it indirectly. Reference materials are presented in the article by census data, while business documentation — by data of the archives of the Tyumen region. The author paid attention to the drawings of mosques and registers with calligraphic inscriptions, as well as to the pictures of cult buildings made in the beginning of XX century. The article analyzes the material sources presented in museums of the Tyumen region. They are particularly decorative art objects: rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry with Muslim symbolism, and the things used for performance of religious worship: for example, floor mats for prayer. The article also considers architectural objects and paintings, reflecting the objects of the Islamic art, among which there are paintings of S. Remezov, M. Znamensky, P. Chukomin and C. Surikov.


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