Natalya V. Labunets

Head of the Department of General Linguistics of the Institute of Philology and Journalism.The author of 80 scientific papers, 60 of which are published in the leading Russian editions as well as the foreign editions of Serbia, Bulgaria, Latvia, India, Germany and the USA. Member of 2 specialized dissertation panels D 212.274.15, D 212.274.09 of Tyumen State University. Active member of AATSEEL (American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages). Member of the section ‘Russian as a foreign language’ of the board on Philology (Teaching and Methodical Union, the Russian Federation) since 2012. Member of Russian Geographical Society. Head of the training program for education and science workers in graduate school 45.06.01 – Linguistics and Literature Study (the Russian language). The h-index in the Russian scientific citation index – 3.