On the notion of obligation in public law

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Vesntik TSU. law (#3). 2014

On the notion of obligation in public law

About the authors:

Maxim V. Afanasyev,
Post-graduate student, Institute of State and Law, Tyumen State University, Head of the Council of Leninsky District (Tyumen)

Alexander S. Emelyanov,
Dr. Jur. Sci., Associate Professor, Administrative and Financial Law Department, Institute of Law, Economics and Management, Tyumen State University


The article focuses on the concept of obligation in public law. It discusses the different types of obligations, their evolution, classification of obligations in public law and relations between the concepts and the relative commitment property relationship. Special attention is paid to budget expenditure obligations of the Russian Federation budget system. One of the latest trends in the legal science and legislation is the conveyance of the civil law concepts to the sphere of the public law, with the commitment being the example of it. To comprehend the concept of "commitment" in the public-legal sphere, the author considers two questions: 1) what exactly should be understood as the public law; 2) whether the "civil law obligation" and "public law obligation" are only the variants of a single concept — "obligation" or they are totally different with their own independent content; 3) what is the content of the notion "obligation" in the public law. The author considers that such category as "obligation" is necessary to be used in public law, since the public relations, mediated with it, can not be regulated only by authoritative, imperious, conformist means.


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