Research of rheological and low-temperature properties of solvents with the solid crude oil components

Tyumen State University Herald. Physical and Mathematical Modeling. Oil, Gas, Energy


2015, Vol. 1. №2(2)

Research of rheological and low-temperature properties of solvents with the solid crude oil components

About the authors:

Dmitry V. Nelubov, Cand. Tech. Sci., Senior Lecturer, Department of Multiphase Systems Mechanics, Tyumen State University
Lyudmila P. Semikhina, Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Institute of Physics and Technology, University of Tyumen;

Aleksandr A. Fedorets, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Head of the Laboratory of Micro-Hydrodynamic Technologies, University of Tyumen;


The results of rheological and low-temperature properties of model solvents research are presented. Solvents consist of: n-tricosane, octadecane, asphaltenes of Aganskoe oilfi eld, n-heptane, oil fraction 230-400˚С. Cooling curves of that solvents have been studied in temperature space 40-(-20˚С). Viscosity-temperature curves have been studied in viscosity space  0,3-1031 mPa•s. Depressors and asphaltenes have been proved to have similar effect on processes of solid crude oil hydrocarbons crystallization. This effect occurs as a significant increasing temperature space of that process, that moves the end of them to the low temperatures area. Asphaltenes have been discovered to make positive or negative influence on structurerheological properties of crude oil dispersive systems, depending on their concentration. There has been found the effect of rapidly increasing temperature of model solvents immobilization in case of asphaltenes concentration increasing over 5 mass percents. This effect is not connected with solid crude oil hydrocarbons immobilization in asphaltene flocks because it is not followed by related phase transfers displacement to the higher temperatures area.


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