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The study of heat-proof diffusion coating on heat-resistant nickel alloy gte blades

About the authors:

Andrey A. Achimov, Post-graduate student, Department of Micro and Nanotechnology, Tyumen State University
Igor M. Tolmachev, Chief Engineer, Laboratory of Repair Technologies, FDI JSC«Gazturboservis» (Tyumen)
Sergey Yu. Udovichenko, Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Professor of Department of Applied and Technical Physics; Head of REC “Nanotechnology”, University of Tyumen; eLibrary AuthorID, ResearcherID, ScopusID, udotgu@mail.ru


The chromaluminide thermo diffusion coating of turbine blade has been obtained by the slip method. The coating provides a protection from high temperature oxidation and sulfide corrosion of an external surface of a pen and internal cavities of blades in DG and DJ gas-turbine engines of the 2d and 3d generations working at the temperature not higher than 870o and 1070oС, respectively. After heat treatment, the distribution of concentration of nickel and chrome alloying elements in the coating and in the body of the blade has been measured by means of x-ray spectrometry. The diffusion model of distribution of elements in the blade-coating transition zone and in the outer zone of coating has been developed. Analytical expressions for the space distribution of alloying elements allow an optimization of coating composition in order to increase its effectiveness. The modeling results are in good agreement with the experimental data and can be used to determine the lifetime of the blade at its operation in the conditions of cyclic thermal loads.


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