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Generation of modulated non-polarized radiatio

About the authors:

Vladimir P. Dubov, Cand. Sci. (Phys-Math.), Associate Professor, Radio Physics Department, Tyumen State University; duboff@mail.ru

Anton Yu. Pototskiy, Post-Graduate Student, Radio Physics Department, Tyumen State University; ponab@yandex.ru

Valery A. Tabarin, Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Radio Physics Department, Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Tyumen State University


It is proposed to use alternating current to supply power to industrial helium-neon lasers. An approximate scheme of laser power supply with alternating current and the description of its work are provided in the article. The advantages and disadvantages of this method of supply and its possible applications in scientific and applied work are discussed. It is noted that the proposed method enables to receive the radiation of 100% modulated amplitude without additional devices for modulation. An important feature of it is the absence of polarized components that occur while the operation of industrial helium-neon lasers with constant current mode. The article describes the experiments that prove the absence of polarized laser radiation when powered with alternating current. The fact that the proposed method enables installation in various vehicles, such as cars, helicopters, etc. is of great practical importance.


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