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Formation of thermal barrier coatings using Zr-Y salt pyrolysis in Ar-He-H2 plasma

About the authors:

Riat R. Faizullin, Postgraduate Student, Department of Mechanics of Multiphase Systems, Tyumen State University
Aleksandr B. Shabarov, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, Department of Applied and Technical Physics, Institute of Physics and Technology, University of Tyumen; eLibrary AuthorID, ORCID, ResearcherID, ScopusID, kaf_mms@utmn.ru


An experimental set-up has been designed and manufactured. Samples with heat protective ceramic coating have been obtained at the set-up by injecting in Ar-He-H2 plasma ZrO2-Y2O3 precursor. Spray coating modes have been established. The results of thermal-cycle testing in 1000С-11500С(15 min)-1000С cycle mode showed the advantage of the obtained coatings over the traditional plasma one by 40%. The authors assume that ZrO2-Y2O3 precursor alloying with rare earth metal oxides will increase the operating temperature of the coating. The injection of ZrO2 — 7%Y2O3 precursor in plasma was performed with air atomizing burner. During spray coating, the surface temperature of the samples did not exceed 700-7500С. The characteristic surface texture of the thermal barrier coating is shown in Fig.4. The study of the coating microstructure by means of JEOL JSM6510LV electron microscope showed existence of ZrO2+7%Y2O spherical particles, particles with full and partial penetration, fusion and cross-sectional microcracks. Prior to TBC formation the samples were covered with PKH-27YU7SZI (ПКХ-27Ю7С3И) 170 µm metal heat-proof layer using a traditional plasma method. Thermal-diffusion vacuum annealing at a temperature of 10500С was executed during 4 hours.


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