Administrative responsibility for offence in the sphere of labor: the contemporary situation and perspectives of development

Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research


2020, Vol. 6. № 3 (23)

Administrative responsibility for offence in the sphere of labor: the contemporary situation and perspectives of development

For citation: Grishkovets A. A. 2020. “Administrative responsibility for offence in the sphere of labor: the contemporary situation and perspectives of development”. Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research, vol. 6, no. 3 (23), pp. 150-169. DOI: 10.21684/2411-7897-2020-6-3-150-169

About the author:

Alexey A. Grishkovets, Dr. Sci. (Jur.), Professor, Leading Researcher Associate, Sector of Administrative Law and Administrative Process, Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow);


This article analyzes the principles of the new project of the Code of the Russian Federation of Administrative Offences in the sphere of the labor relationships. The importance of this topic lies in the fact that the draft of the new Code provides significant changes in the administrative responsibility in the study area. Its analysis is of interest to legal scholars and practitioners who use the RF Code, as it allows scientific assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the upcoming innovations. Additionally, in theory, it can provide a better understanding of the relationship between the administrative and labor law as an illustrative example of the interaction between the branches of public and private law.

This research has required using the formal-dogmatic, logical, systematic and statistical methods of cognition, which are widely used in legal science in general, as well as the science of the administrative and labor law in particular.

The results show that the norms of administrative and labor laws interact closely as a result of their systematic use in certain spheres of legal regulation. One of them is the sphere of administrative responsibility for offence in the sphere of the labor relationships.

Having compared the appropriate norms of the acting RF Code of Administrative Offences with the new project, the author presents the changes which will take place in legislative regulation of administrative responsibility for the offences in the sphere of the labor relationships as a result of adopting the new RF Code on administrative offences.

The author concludes that after the adoption and legal implementation of the new RF Code of Administrative Offences, the legal mechanism of administrative responsibility will be noticeably improved, which will allow for more effective protection of human rights at work and ensurance of the legality in the sphere of labor.


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