Charity in the Context of the Societal State

Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research


2017, Vol. 3. №3

Charity in the Context of the Societal State

For citation: Shaburov A. S. 2017. “Charity in the Context of the Societal State”. Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research, vol. 3, no 3, pp. 148-168. DOI: 10.21684/2411-7897-2017-3-3-148-168

About the author:

Anatoliy S. Shaburov, Dr. Sci. (Jur.), Professor, Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education, Department of Theory of State and Law, Ural State Law University (Yekaterinburg);


This article is devoted to the characterization of charity as one of eternal orienting points of a company’s activities to assist the people in need, emphasizing its role in safeguarding humanitarianism and social justice. A special place in the work belongs to the analysis of the role of the societal state, showing the place of charity in the implementation of its social functions.

The author specifically reviews the status of charitable activities in modern Russia, showing problems and difficulties in its development and examining the role of law in the implementation and development of charity offered measures to improve legal regulation in this field. The author singles out the problems of the unformedness of the legal framework, capable of giving an accurate definition of charitable activity and its establishing its legal regime; an analysis of other countries’ legislation relating to charity is given.

The methodological basis of the research is, first of all, legal and historical analysis, as well as prognostication, modeling and comparative jurisprudence.

The author of this article assesses the circumstances in connection with the development of charity in Russia. The article also provides an overview of the conditionss and factors that reduce the effectiveness of charity and stand in the way of its practical implementation, including in relation to the Russian state and society. The author proposes certain measures aimed at improving the situation in the field of state regulation of charitable activities in the Russian Federation.

He concludes stating the aspects of charitable activity the state should pay utmost attention to, accompanying it with the examples from legislation and state-legal activity. The necessity of improving the legislation in the field of charitable activity is substantiated, the possible ways of its development are analyzed.


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