Prospects of legal regulation development of social security in Russia: innovations in social sphere

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Vesntik TSU. law (#3). 2014

Prospects of legal regulation development of social security in Russia: innovations in social sphere

About the author:

Pavel N. Baimatov,
Post-graduate course student, Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law, Institute of State and Law, Tyumen State University


In accordance with article 7 of the Russian Federation Constitution, the Russian Federation is a social state whose policy is aimed at creating conditions ensuring a worthy life and a free development of person. The subject of research in the article is the issue of prospects of legal regulation development in the sphere of social security, which is the central institution when determining the nature of the state as a social one. Such matters as the necessity to develop the right to social security realization mechanism, the introduction of new institutions when conducting the state legal policy in this sphere are also touched upon in the article. These issues are analyzed by means of logical and systemic methods of analysis and synthesis of the formal-legal, comparative legal and structural functional methods of cognition. The author proposes and proves the idea that efficiency and possibility to implement the constitutional right for the social security depends on the functioning of its implementation mechanism, introduction of innovative institutions, aimed at creating conditions, ensuring a worthy life and a free development of a person as the basis of creating a social state in the Russian Federation.


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