On the question of the concept “administering” in the legal-administrative and legal-financial doctrine

Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research


Vesntik TSU. law (#3). 2013

On the question of the concept “administering” in the legal-administrative and legal-financial doctrine

About the author:

Alexander S. Emelyanov,
Dr. Jur. Sci., Associate Professor, Administrative and Financial Law Department, Institute of Law, Economics and Management, Tyumen State University


This article is devoted to the analysis of one of the fundamental categories of legal-administrative and legal-financial theories — administration. On the basis of the constitutional provisions, the provisions of administrative law and legislation on public finances, their application and progress in the legal-administrative and legal-financial doctrine defines the concept of «administration», as well as the concepts of administrative and financial activities of the state. Based on a detailed analysis of the content of scientific categories the relationship between them is stated. A historical background is provided, which allows to form an idea about the features of the administrative and financial activities of the state in our country. The institutions of the Administrative Law and Financial Law are analyzed, within the framework of which administering is conducted. Management features, discussed in the article, the content of which best reflects the approaches to the definition of the concept and of the content of some of its parts (budgetary, tax, customs, etc.), allows to state that they are no more than varieties of administrative and / or financial performance of the state. Accordingly, public relation occuring in this process should have an objective-sectoral membership in accordance with the general rules of delimitation of the administrative and financial law elaborated by the modern legal science.


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