Government support for export in Russia: perspectives in the context of the WTO regulation

Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research


Vesntik TSU. Economy (#11). 2014

Government support for export in Russia: perspectives in the context of the WTO regulation

About the author:

Taisya V. Pogodaeva,


The article describes the consequences of Russia's accession to the WTO for domestic exporters and systematizes the measures of government support for export based on the rules and regulations of the WTO. The comparative analysis shows that the government export support in terms of funds used for these purposes is rather little. The author undertakes the analysis of tools and measures of government financial export support such as export crediting, export financing and insurance in Russia, as well as considers their compliance with the WTO standards and rules. The author concludes that the system of state export support in Russia is less efficient than in other countries and it needs more modifications to fully comply with the WTO rules and regulations. The paper identifies the perspective areas of development for the system of state export support in Russia. The study can serve as a basis for improvement of this system which is an important factor to facilitate the integration of Russia into the world economic system by increasing the competitiveness of the national economy.


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