Social infrastructure in the system of regional infrastructure

Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research


Vesntik TSU. Economy (#11). 2013

Social infrastructure in the system of regional infrastructure

About the authors:

Valentina S. Antonyuk,
Dr. Econ. Sci., Professor, Head of Economics and Global Economics Department, South Ural State University (Tchelyabinsk)

Anara Zh. Bulikeeva,
Assistant, Economics and Global Economics Department, South Ural State University (Tchelyabinsk)


This article presents results of theoretical and methodological analysis of contemporary social infrastructure from the regional point of view. This infrastructure is a multilevel organizational economic system, which includes industrial, social, network-connected, institutional sectors and vital infrastructure. Special attention is paid both in Russian and foreign literature to social infrastructure, the development of which is connected with mounting needs to create necessary conditions for daily living activities of society. The author describes functions, types, models and distinctive features of social infrastructure on the basis of functional, structural and dynamic characteristics analysis. Social infrastructure is a key element of social and economic
development of the region. It is aimed at delivering various social non-material services, including health care, education, and recreation. In addition it determines conditions for daily living activities and development of the society, which are expressed in providing health care and accessible education and human development.


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