Problems And Mechanisms Of Reforming The Health Care System Of The Russian Federation

Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research


Vesntik TSU. Economy (#11). 2012

Problems And Mechanisms Of Reforming The Health Care System Of The Russian Federation

About the author:

Marina V. Osotkina,
Post-graduate Student, Department of Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit, Law Institute of Economics and Management


The subject of the author’s paper is a research of economic mechanisms and particulars of their application in the management of hospitals and the Health Care System in general. The purpose of author’s research is a development of arrangements to increase of effectiveness of economic mechanism’s application in the activities of Health Care System’s institutions in terms of reform. In the course of research the author considered the following key problems and suggested methods to problem’s regulation. Firstly, by the reform the Health Care System turned to a single stream of funding, but it could not overcome a financial lack of regional programs of state guarantees their significant differentiation in security in the region. To solve this problem, the author suggests to introduce unified standards and index these standards for the regions. Another problem is the lack of specification of state guarantees of medical care, which has led to the fact that hospitals charge a fee from the citizens for the services, which should be free in accordance with the state guarantee. In this case, the author proposes to adopt a clear list of medical services that a citizens should get free. Also one of the most important problems is the low salary, equalizing approach to payment of medical staff, lower social security and prestige of the medical profession, which has led to a shortage of qualified medical personnel. In this case, the author offers to form salary projects of medical staff with consideration of the peculiarities of the job, qualifications and labor productivity of each category of medical workers. One of the key problems is shortage of funding. According to the author, to change this situation for the better is possible through active investment in the sector and the development of public-private partnership.