Methodological aspects of services management on informational IT market

Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research


Vesntik TSU. Economy (#11). 2012

Methodological aspects of services management on informational IT market

About the author:

Anna N. Agafonova,


Based on the research of key stages of the world economic development, the article reveals the reasons and factors affecting the formation of the modern information services. It emphasizes the peculiarities of information as an economic resource that define the unique characteristics of information services as a commodity. It states that information services are the market interpretation of possible ways to satisfy the information needs of stakeholders, with particular attention to both implicit and explicit nature of information needs. The author analyzes the degree of explicitness of information needs depending on the subject of economic relations, resulting in conclusions regarding the necessity to study classical methodology of service management in the field of information services. The article focuses on the importance of organizing the service environment that features high personalization and adaptability in the field of intelligent information service. It identifies the promising areas for corporate information services in the model of outsourcing service of the market participants.