The economy of Russia and the individual in the context of market reforms

Tyumen State University Herald. Social, Economic, and Law Research


Vesntik TSU. Economy (#11). 2012

The economy of Russia and the individual in the context of market reforms

About the author:

Agnessa N. Zaitseva,
Dr. Econ. Sci., Professor, Economic Theory and Applied Economics Department, Institute for Finance and Economics, Tyumen State University


Individuals and the Economy can’t be separated. In general it is production and reproduction of the real life. Specifically the reproduction of the first type is a production of the subsistence and the capital goods and the production of the second type is the individual by himself. The production of the first type and the production of the second type are interrelated and influence to each other’s development. These conceptual principles are evident in modern Russia. Socio-economic transformation of the society has left its imprint at the economy and population of the country. The massive deindustrialization of the Russian economy has occurred as well as the loss of quality and the total simplification of the structure of production. The real economy has got the tighter orientation to the production of the raw materials and thus the high level of dependence from the factors of global economy. With regard to the reproduction of the population it tended to the worsening of the demographic situation. Nowadays we faced the process of depopulation when the amount of deaths exceeds the amount of births. The age and sex structure of the population is also changing. The process of aging takes place and the gap between the number of men and the number of women is increasing.The current system of employment is imbalanced by the professional structure, workplaces and labor supply. There is the lack of demand of the high-skilled competencies and the law material and moral assessment of skilled labor (with the only exception of the extractive industries and the financial sphere). Thus there is an urgent need to improve the system of ownership and the distribution relations in order to make it appropriate to the socially oriented market economy.