Evgeniy V. Smakhtin

Dr. Sci. (Jur.), Professor, Head of the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure, University of Tyumen.

Scientific interests are related to interdisciplinary connections of the sciences of the criminal law cycle. Author of more than 150 scientific and educational works. In 2013, he was awarded the First Degree Diploma in the nomination “Applied sciences” of the All-Russian competition for the best scientific book of 2013. With the same textbook, he became the winner of the international competition “The Best Scientific Book in the Humanities 2013”. In 2013-2017 E. V. Smakhtin made presentations at 11 international conferences. Member of the Specialized Council on Thesis Defense in the Ural State Law University D 212.282.03. The h-index in the Russian Science Citation Index – 8.