Akihiro Ishikawa

Scientific interests: sociology of economy, sociology of labor, issues of trust in Japan, Russia and other countries. The most significant monographs in the Japanese language include «Social Change and Workers’ Views» (1975), «Socialism in Everyday Life in Czechoslovakia» (1977), «Socialism at Work in East Europe» (1983), «Eastern Europe: People, Culture and Society» (1991), «Slovak Fever» (2006). His (co-authored) books in English include «Employment and Participation: Industrial Democracy in Crisis (1983); «Workers, Firms, and Unions: Industrial Relations in Transition» (1998), «Workers, Firms and Unions Part 2: The Development of Dual Commitment» (2000); «Work and Employee Representation» (2006); «Corporate Culture: Problems and Tendencies of Development in the World and in Russia» (Moscow, 2011), «Trust in Society, Business and Organization» (Moscow, 2013). Member of the editorial board of the journal "Siberian Socium" (Tyumen).