Fauna and ecology of ants of the southern Tyumen region: report 2

Tyumen State University Herald. Natural Resource Use and Ecology


2015, Vol. 1. №4(4)

Fauna and ecology of ants of the southern Tyumen region: report 2

About the authors:

Alexey V. Gilyov, Dr. Sci. (Biol.), Leading Researcher, Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Ural Department of RAS (Yekaterinburg); gilev@ipae.uran.ru

Vitaly A. Stolbov, Cand. Sci. (Biol.), Associate Professor, Department of Zoology and Evolutionary Ecology of Animals, Tyumen State University; vitusstgu@mail.ru

Igor V. Kuzmin, Head of Botany garden, Biology Department, Institute of Mathematics, Humanities and Information Technologies, Tyumen State University, Researcher of Zoological museum, Tyumen State University
Sergey A. Ivanov,
Postgraduate at the Department of Zoology and Evolutionary Ecology of Animals, Tyumen State University


Ant-fauna of the south of Tyumen region (Western Siberia) has been studied relatively insufficiently. Previously, 24 species of ants were indicated for the region (Myrmica rubra, Lasius niger, L. umbratus, Formica (C.) pressilabris, etc.). As a result of research expeditions in 2012-2014, 22 species and subspecies of 9 genera of ants of 2 subfamilies were identified. Six taxa have been recorded in the region for the first time: Myrmica scabrinodis, Leptothorax muscorum, Formicoxenus nitidulus, Polyergus rufescens, Camponotus saxatilis, Lasius jensi longiceps. Among the species cited by other contemporary authors, we have not yet found the three: Myrmica gallieni, Formica (F.) truncorum, Lasius flavus. Thus, (taking into account the data from the scientific literature) modern ant-fauna of Tyumen region includes 31 species (including synanthropic ant Monomorium pharaonis). The other 10 species and forms mentioned in the works of the early 20th century require further clarification. New information about the fauna, geographic distribution and habitat has been provided for all kinds of Tyumen ants.


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