Study noise pollution Tyumen using GIS

Tyumen State University Herald. Natural Resource Use and Ecology


2015, Vol. 1. №3(3)

Study noise pollution Tyumen using GIS

About the authors:

Valentina A. Dobryakova, Cand. Geogr. Sci., Associate Professor, Department of Cartography and Geoinformation Systems, Institute of Mathematics, Science and Information Technologies, Tyumen State University
Artem A. Kolesov,
Engineer of support groups and coordination of choices ZAO «Giprong — Ecom»


At present, the noise is regarded as one of the most aggressive and common types of urban pollution. Spatial learning and acoustic monitoring of the situation in the city are becoming more relevant and objective calculations and spatial mapping of noise pollution are becoming very popular. Author has the following tasks: to measure noise and noise pollution to build a map of the central part of the city of Tyumen, taking into account the features of the urban landscape.The main tools used spatial modeling geographic information systems. Initially, the study was carried out by means of a universal ArcGIS (to obtain a preliminary assessment of the acoustic situation), and then conducted Refinement of noise exposure using a specialized system SoundPLAN (taking into account the buildings, green spaces, the linear nature of the noise sources, etc.). The main result can be called noise pollution maps, which can be used for the development of noise protection measures in the city.


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