The polar Urals - a unique region of Russia

Tyumen State University Herald. Natural Resource Use and Ecology


2015, Vol. 1. №2(2)

The polar Urals - a unique region of Russia

About the authors:

Viktor D. Starkov, Cand. Geolog.-Mineral. Sci., Professor, Department of Physical Geography and Ecology, Tyumen State University
Julija S. Pestova, 1st-year Master’s Degree Student, Institute of Earth Sciences, Tyumen State University


The Polar Urals is a mountain system, much of which is located in Tyumen region.Here important geological objects are located, that are of world value. These include, primarily, unique sections of ophiolites — metamorphosed relics (paleozoic) of oceanic crust. They can serve as a model for studying folded regions of the phanerosoic. In addition, near the ophiolite complex reserves of ore and nonmetallic minerals are found: chromite, iron ore, platinum and precious stones. Another valuable for science geological object is the structure of the Polar Urals ridge Maroun-Keu. It is composed of a complex of rocks belonging to the deepest facies and includes rare rocks like eclogite. The mentioned geological features of the Polar Urals can be attributed to natural monuments, and the Polar Urals in general, judging by all natural parameters, deserves to be assigned the status of a national park.


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