Ecological condition of atmospheric air, surface water and ground soil of woodland grass (forest steppe) of Tyumen region (the case of Berdujski district)

Tyumen State University Herald. Natural Resource Use and Ecology


2015, Vol. 1. №1(1)

Ecological condition of atmospheric air, surface water and ground soil of woodland grass (forest steppe) of Tyumen region (the case of Berdujski district)

About the author:

Alexander Yu. Solodovnikov, Dr. Sci. (Geogr.), Associate Professor, Head of Scientific-Research Ecological Department, SurgutNIPIneft (Tyumen Branch);


The paper observes the modern ecological condition of a number of natural environments of Berdujski district, one of the smallest districts of Tyumen Region. Throughout history, agriculture has remained the key changing factor for the environment, although its forms have been diverse. In the middle of the 20th century, a number of industrial facilities emerged on the territory of the district, but most of them turned out to be connected with the agricultural complex. During the post-Soviet period, another polluting factor appeared, that of transport, but it was also closely bound with agriculture, an anthropogenic factor taking place as well. At last, nature as it is also appears a 'provider’ of harmful materials to the natural environment. Nonetheless, the presented results reveal that the modern ecological condition of the district meets major requirements of legislation in the sphere of providing favorable living environment.


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