Questions of interdepartmental interaction on complex rehabilitation escort of children of early age with deviations in development and health

Tyumen State University Herald. Natural Resource Use and Ecology


Bulletin of Tyumen State University. Medico-Biological Sciences (№6). 2013

Questions of interdepartmental interaction on complex rehabilitation escort of children of early age with deviations in development and health

About the authors:

Natalia V. Loginova, Cand. Med. Sci., Associate professor, Director, AE SSP TR
“The Regional Center of Rehabilitation of Disabled People”
Anna A. Zhushman, Manager of Department of medico-social rehabilitation and
innovative technologies AE SSP TR “The regional center of rehabilitation of disabled people”

Evgenia V. Melnikova, Neurologist, AE SSP TR “The Regional Center of
Rehabilitation for Disabled People”

Elena F. Turovinina, Head of the Department of Outpatient, Polyclinic and Preventive Medicine of FPD and PRS PBEI HE TSMA of Ministry of Health, RF, Dr. Med. Sci., Professor


The article is devoted to the assessment of the prevention system of children's disability in the Tyumen region aimed at improvement of the available rehabilitation services for children with health and developmental problems. There are currently 23 services providing primary care for children with health and developmental problems and their families on the territory of the city of Tyumen and the south of the Tyumen region. These rehabilitation services cover 3940 children with deviations in development and health. Assistance can be rendered both in special institutions and at children’s homes. Rehabilitation services include medical (massage, medical and adaptive physical exercises, physical therapy), psychological and logaoedic assistance. Family members of disabled child are taught the basics of social and medical rehabilitation at home; social and medical patronage of the families is carried out. Consequently, the common rate of disabilities among 0-3-year-old children has decreased from 49 to 39,1 per 10,000 children.


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