Regularities of the distribution of biotic taxa on the territory of the west Siberian plain

Tyumen State University Herald. Natural Resource Use and Ecology


Bulletin of Tyumen State University. Medico-Biological Sciences (№6). 2013

Regularities of the distribution of biotic taxa on the territory of the west Siberian plain

About the authors:

Alexander A. Konovalov, Dr Sci. (Tech.), Сhief Researcher, Institute of Problems of Development of the North, Tyumen Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

Sergey N. Gashev, Dr. Sci. (Biol.), Professor, Head of the Department of Zoology and Evolutionary Ecology of Animals, University of Tyumen;

Mariya N. Kazantseva, Cand. Sci. (Biol.), Associate Professor, Department of Ecology and Genetics, Institute of Biology, University of Tyumen; Leading Researcher, Institute of the Problems of Northern Development, Federal Research Center, Tyumen Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences;


The article studies quantitative regularities of biotic taxa distribution on the territory of the West Siberian Plain within Tyumen and Omsk regions. Their climatic dependence is investigated. The nature of the distribution of species, genuses, families and orders of the biota within the geographical subzones of the considered area is established. Formulas of geographical and hierarchical dependence of taxa are found; their self-similarity is shown. It is claimed that existence of a biotic system and its state can be interpreted as a result of dichotomous interaction of two opposites — the dominant and subdominant, expressed in a relative form so that their sum is equal to one. The ratio of the maximum of the taxon to the sum of the other taxa of the same category is accepted as a dominant. For example, in the animal group it is the relation of the birds taxa to the sum of the taxa of birds and mammals. The authors introduce and evaluate indicators of interaction between floristic and faunistic components of biota. Formulas for determination of stability and harmony of biotic systems are suggested.


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