Landscape and ecological environment and tourist-recreational activity

Tyumen State University Herald. Natural Resource Use and Ecology


Bulletin of Tyumen State University. Earth sciences (№7; №4). 2013

Landscape and ecological environment and tourist-recreational activity

Author: Mikhail A. Los

About the author:

Mikhail A. Los, Assistant Professor, Department оf Social and Cultural Service and Tourism, Institute of Mathematics, Science and Information Technologies, Tyumen State University


The environmental paradigm of the modern geography considers a number of disputable scientific concepts. New aspects of relationships between society and nature are characterized by the increase of human activity and anthropogenic impact on landscapes. This resulted in the emergence of a new concept — «landscape and ecological environment» — which considers the society impact on landscapes and its ecosystems and geo-socio-ecosystems. Tourist-recreational activity influences negatively natural and sociocultural components of the landscape and ecological environment. It causes its strict, scientific, and regulated nature in accordance with the ecological and ethical restrictions. The analysis of the landscape and ecological environment, its structure and properties, when designing and implementing a tourist-recreational activity, promote a sustainable development of territorial socio-ecological systems.


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