Tyumen State University Herald. Natural Resource Use and Ecology


Bulletin of Tyumen State University. Earth sciences (№7; №4). 2012

First find of permafrost traces in Kurgan district

About the authors:

Stanislav A. Laukhin, Dr. Geol.-Miner. Sci., Deputy Head, Department of Criology of the Earth, Russian State Geological Prospecting University (Moscow)
Sergey I. Larin, Cand. Geogr. Sci., Associate Professor, Institute of Mathematics, Science and Information Technologies, Tyumen State University
Vasily L. Guselnikov, Chief Expert, Department of Environmental Monitoring, EcoStroyPererabotka; vasilii_guselnikov@mail.ru


According to fund materials, space images first the development areas of palaeocryogenic structures have been defined and mapped in the southwest of West Siberian plain. Pseudomorphosis for second lam ice has been studied of the last cryolithogenesis stage in the Kurganskaya region.