Tatyana A. Kremleva

Dr. Sci. (Chem.), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Organic and Ecological Chemistry, University of Tyumen.
The field of interest is the geoecology of natural waters, the quality of water, in-basin processes and the ability of aquatic ecosystems to self-recovery, the improvement of methods for chemical analysis of environmental objects. Took part in the work on grants "Water quality under conditions of anthropogenic load and climate change in the regions of Western Siberia", "Geochemical migration of elements and their compounds, processes of transformation and interaction of pollutants in the systems 'catchment area - water - bed silt' at the development of the oil and gas deposits of Western Siberia". Has about 80 articles in rating journals, incl. 9 in the databases included in the international citation systems Scopus and Web of Science (h-index in the Russian Science Citation Index 7).