Pavel B. Klimov

Dr. Sci. (Biol.). Researcher at the University of Michigan (USA).
He worked at the Institute of Biology and Soil Science of the Far Eastern Branch of the RAS (Vladivostok, 1996-2000) and at the Zoological Museum of the University of Michigan (2000-2006). The world's leading expert on taxonomy, molecular phylogeny and ecology of mites. Member of the American Acarological Society, expert of the National Science Foundation of the United States on bioinformatics and systematic biology. The head of 15 international grants, including:

  • "Biogeography of the Brazilian coast: what can a meiofaunal group without dispersive stages teach us about the biogeography and genetic connectivity along our coastline? Ciência sem fronteiras program" (Brazil. 2014-2017),
  • "Developing a World Wide Identification Tool for Bee-Associated Mites" (United States Department of Agriculture, 2014-2015),
  • "Myrmecophilous acariform mites (Acariformes) of SW Siberia" (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, 2014-2017), and other.

Author of more than 70 scientific publications, including the monograph "Morphology, Evolution, and Host Associations of Bee-Associated Mites of the Family Chaetodactylidae (Acari: Astigmata), with a Monographic Revision of North American Taxa" (2008).
H-index in the Russian Science Citation Index 10.