Arvīds Barševskis

Academician of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Sci. (Biol.), Professor. Rector of the University of Daugavpils (Latvia).
Famous Latvian biologist who described several new species of ground beetles (the name of A. Barshevskis was given to a new type of beetle found in Spain, in his honor also was named the beetle found in the Pamirs in Tajikistan). His doctoral dissertation was on the topic "Austrumlatvijas skrejvaboles" ("Ground beetlesofs of Eastern Latvia"). Chairman of the Council of Rectors of Latvian Universities. He headed the Baltic Coleopterology Institute in the University of Daugavpils. In 2008 he was awarded the state award of the Russian Federation for strengthening cultural and scientific ties. May 8, 2012 in Copenhagen Academician Arvīds Barševskis received, as a head of the university, a prestigious European "Sign of Recognition". Author of 95 scientific works in high-ranking journals. H-index 8 (in